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     “Through my Transform 5 journey I have learned so much about myself and have created healthy habits that are sticking! The mini-meals are really helping me control my overeating – and I don’t crave diet Coke and unhealthy carbs anymore.


In this process with the mini meals, I am learning so much about how I've used food as a coping mechanism and how addicted I've become to eating. Last year I worked out over 200 times and

I didn't lose any net weight. I finally realized that my inability to cope with stress and then using food as a drug needed to change. It's been a slow process for the last three months, but I've been working hard to get in a better place mentally so I can bring those stress levels down and get back into balance. Three weeks of no soda, or donut Friday, and not overeating! That last one is huge!!! Even in the unhealthy choices, I still found myself not being able to eat more than a mini meal. That's incredible for me. If I want anything to stick forever it would be that. I can just think back to times when I'd be so stuffed and I'd still eat because I felt so empty inside.

My body couldn't tell the difference between real hungry and stress/anxiety. In part due to this journey, I made a really big decision this week. My job has been a huge source of stress and unhappiness in my life for the last 1.5 years.


I’m also down six pounds. I can't remember the last time I lost six pounds – even when working out and running like crazy. It feels so great to see a change, and I feel so much better on the inside. My Gosh, Erin and Dr. Bill, the last five weeks have been amazing. I have never loved myself more and been more committed to my health. ALL of it. Thank you!”



     "What drew me to T5 was the inclusion of healthy carbs sometimes, so it didn't feel extreme.

I've tried Weight Watchers and that did help for several months, but when I swayed it was

hard to get back on it. Also, counting points wasn't easy on-the-go. I've also tried Xenadrine

"diet pills" and only took it a few days because I didn't like the jittery feeling when I took it.

And I've tried Plexxus (expensive) and no carb (very restrictive).


I focused on the one big change at first. I printed out my shopping and recipe lists from the T5 start up books and I picked out the recipes I knew I would enjoy. I stuck to the outer ring of the grocery store and went home and prepped for my week! I did have some headaches, but I knew they came from my severe decrease of sugar and caffeine. That was okay with me because I knew my body needed to detox.


In a few days I could feel the difference! My whole family has gotten on board. I make it an effort now to take the kids to ride their bike and we hit the trails behind our house on a regular basis. The major trick I learned was to change their way of eating too, through simply training your body to crave the good stuff instead of the bad! My kids now love wheat bread, enjoy popcorn instead of chips for a snack – and they love it! If you don't buy it, they will eat other stuff! Total weight lost:17 pounds, 3 inches from my waist and 2 sizes down in jeans! I have tried so many diets and diet plans, but T5 helped me to know that this is a life change. Yes the weight is coming off slowly, but I also have more energy. I feel better. When I'm done with a meal, I am totally satisfied and full because the carbs I've had are healthy! I am so thankful for T5, because the scale has not moved for me in almost 3 years since I've had my son, so I'm hitting lower and lower numbers on the scale! Nothing tastes as good as eating clean FEELS!”



    "I started Transform 5 because I was needing a change and wanted to stop feeling unhealthy.

I needed something simple that I could stick with and that would fit my lifestyle. This just made sense! I started making small changes and was amazed at how my energy levels began to increase. I was so inspired by feeling awesome that I've been able to stay motivated and make  healthy choices in my food. I'm also much more educated about what motivates my eating,

like not turning to comfort food when I had a hard day at work. I'm down 13 pounds in my first month and feel like I can conquer the world. A huge thank you Erin for your support."


                                                                                             – Susan





    "I started Transform 5 because I was ready to take control of my health and change my lifestyle after years of feeling sluggish and seeing a very unfriendly number on the scale. I knew I was worth it but I needed some support to help me get started. I felt connected to Erin and T-5 and it was the best decision I could have made. Within weeks of the program I saw and felt positive changes I'm my body. I have constantly lost 1-2 pound and week and feeling empowered because I am in control of what I eat, more energetic and goal directed. I'm down 2 jeans sizes, so you know what that means.......time to go shopping yay!!"


                                                                                             – Laurie





     "I was feeling tired and sluggish all the time, even with a good night's sleep. My diet didn't help either with the convenience of fast food and cooking fattening dinners for myself and my family. I knew myself and my son were not getting enough fruits and veggies and we needed a change. The T5 way of eating has not only helped me with changing my physical mindset towards healthier living, but my mental and emotional health too. I noticed a change in my son at school as well. He is able to concentrate better and understand and retain information more easily. My family and I are taking our first steps toward a healthy lifestyle and are on the fast track to nutritional success."


                                                                                             – Shannon





    "Juice Plus+ has been great for me because I’m a full time teacher/mom and I’m constantly on the go.  The dutch chocolate shakes in the morning are very convenient and help me get energized, keeping me full for most of the morning.  The veggie and fruit powders help me get those missing fruits and veggies I don’t normally get from my normal breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s also great to know that I am fueling myself with the right things, which has helped me to stay healthy for my students as well as my son!"


                                                                                             – Jennifer

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